Monday, April 22, 2024

The Long Awaited Release of Kip's Return (Kip the Quick, Book II)

Exciting news. Kip has returned. The book is finally out! I've been itching to share this with you for far too long. Click here to get it now! 


“…I really dragged out the Epilogues because I didn't want to be done. I really enjoyed the book, and I like how the Epilogues keep me looking forward to Book 3” 

"Loving the 'trouble' Kip is getting into. ”


I started writing Kip's adventures in Texas, when we lived there for a year. Life was full of upheaval after moving cross-country from California with two young children and no one in the area to help. My wife took on extra tasks like a trooper, never complaining, even when my work hours included night shifts in downtown Dallas. Finding time to write amidst the move, new jobs, and an entirely new area was quite the challenge. But one story idea that came to mind and stuck was a witty rascal of a thief in a dry hot land ravaged regularly by terrible storms. He wanted out of this hell hole, and he was willing to lie, cheat, and steal to do so. Thinking about others wasn't high on his list, but when the heist of a lifetime landed in his lap with an opportunity to flee this bastion of suffering, his friends helped him out—putting themselves in deep peril in the process. To keep them safe, Kip found himself challenged with the making the ultimate choice.

Now the sequel is out, and ready for you. It's over three times as long as the first, with more characters, more mystery, and more fun action to dig your teeth into.

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Back Cover Copy:

Kip is a Wanted Man. By the law and by a psychopath. What’s a good thief to do? 

Returning to Tander after a year away, Kip seeks to escape and lay low. When he finds the dark consequences of his past actions, he falls into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a mercenary seeking to satisfy a blood debt. Perhaps it would be better to just keep on running, but Kip can’t leave his friends behind. Not this time. 

He must use all of his skill, his charm, and his wit to uncover a plot that will bring disaster to Tander, right past wrongs, and maybe find himself another spot of the Essence—the stuff of magic and legend. 

 Kip’s Return is a fantasy adventure full of excitement, humor, and friendship.


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