Monday, May 16, 2011

State of Things

An update on the state of Clifton, where I’m at, where I’m going...

Patrick and I are starting the 14th week of the Shadow Bytes webcomic. I think we’re doing quite well, and it is a lot of fun to hear from the burgeoning fans. Big thank you’s to Kat Magendie, Paul Weimer, and Charles Tan. I hope we can continue to entertain.

So far, I’ve managed to build up the buffer to one week and looking to build it further. When that eventually happens, time permitting, we may add more days than just twice-a-week and we may go color—like television making the shift to technicolor. I just hope everyone’s computer monitors can support it... *ahem*

I’m managing to get some writing done here and there and my NaNoWriMo project is almost complete at the 50,000 word goal (only six months late). Far from actually done, but as you know, Nano is just a springboard to something greater.

Once that is done, I’m anxious to start in again at a final revision (maybe) of my Hestea Hammerblood story, Veil of a Warrior.

24 hours really are too few in a day. Who do I go to to petition for longer days? Seriously. I’ve been thinking and realizing that I have somewhere around 20 novel outlines sketched out in my main universe where Hammerblood and my Nano project have their sandboxes, with another dozen in various other concepts. How in the world will I ever get the time to work on them all? The mind boggles.

Blogging is somewhat secondary, sometimes I manage to keep up and sometimes I don’t. I’m averaging about one blog entry a week, but that’s ok for me. I’m also still continuing to contribute to the SF Signal for their book reviews. A new one for The Name of the Wind is coming out shortly. Not a new book, but an incredible read for anyone that hasn’t made its acquaintance.

In just a couple short months we’re expecting our 2nd child, the pregnancy has continued to be healthy and we’re crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly. We’ve got the nursery mostly pieced back together and our daughter set up in her own room. It’s still odd to think that I’m the father of a three year old, but to think that I’ll soon be a father of

How life does change.

Sure, I’m fearing the lack of sleep, but that’s how kids are. They’re not simple and they’re not predictable. But, boy are they worth it. Like all things in life: anything worthwhile is worth working for.

I’m excited to see them interact and I think about some friends who’ve commented about the first introductions of their kids to long-time favorite media properties, like Star Wars. Won’t that be fun. *eyes go far away* My little padawans-in-training.

Hold on for a second...I need to get a little misty-eyed.......................ok...I’m good.

So, how go your projects and your various attempts to conquer sleep and write through the night?


  1. Right now I've been busy critiquing other pieces and trying to finish my rough draft WIP. I have a ton of projects sitting in my to be revised pile that I need to take a look at sooner or later. I need to start putting revision back on the priority list.

    Hope the transition into having a second child continues to go smooth for you!

  2. Bah... sleep is overrated. You'll get plenty of it when you're dead.

    Only thing to NOT skimp on is your kids...

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    @Jeffrey - Very true. Having lots of work in process is great, but having some that you consider complete, is even better.

    @Steve - I agree, on both counts. I just wish my brain would stop turning off when my "Need Sleep" meter begins to flash urgently.

  4. The kids are important. Time spent with them is not wasted. I consider the time I spend with my (honorary) 7 year old niece never to be wasted...


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