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I am a Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novelist, Freelance Artist, SF Signal contributor, co-creator https://ShadowBytes.com webcomic, happy husband and father.

In the early years, I was drawn into genre fiction with the works of Asimov and Eddings. (Recent favorite authors include Jordan, Martin, Rowling, Abercrombie, Sanderson, etc.) Then I advanced into geeky gamer kid-dom in the days of DOS boot disks and Ultima, NES and Super Nintendo — obsessing for countless hours over Final Fantasy and its pixilated ilk. I continued to read (but I was always a picky reader), discovered a love of drawing, and never stopped dreaming.

Immersion in the media blossomed into an epic fantasy story idea, only to be shelved while I pursued a college degree in Computer Animation. (That and having no idea what to do with the idea next.)

Rediscovering the love of writing in 2007, my epic fantasy debut of Veil of a Warrior came out in 2014, the prequel novel complete in 2015, with many more on the way. Excerpts of the writing are available on my blog where I like to talk about the writing process, books, and other media in the sci-fi and fantasy domain. Occasionally I post some of my art, which runs the gamut from 3D work, to illustrations and more.

My hope is that my work will tear a hole in your reality.

Step on through.


e-mail: mail [at] cliftonh dot com
phone: (Five-One-Zero) 397-9199
Located near Portland, OR

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At a Glance:
-Artist and Co-Creator of the webcomic: Shadow Bytes
-Logo design for National Buy a Book Day, started on: Grasping For the Wind 
-Voicemail contribution to episode #21 of the SF Signal podcast (favorite debut author of 2010).
-I was on the 7th episode of the Functional Nerds podcast
-I've been a contributing "irregular" to SF Signal


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  1. First, I'm enjoying Shadow Bytes. (found here via there.) And second, you are also a very nice suburb of Melbourne. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifton_Hill,_Victoria :D

  2. I thought you were going to say "a very nice person." But I'll take "nice suburb" any day. ;-)

    Thanks for checking the webcomic, I hope you continue to enjoy.


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