Monday, October 13, 2014

Seeking the Veil Series

Seeking the Veil is a story of adventure, friendship; and the exciting prequel 3-part series to the Epic Fantasy novel Veil of a Warrior.

"Fantastic...", "A really good medieval adventure..."

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Seek your Purpose, Seek your Power. Seek the Veil.

Young Hestea left his secret home to fight back against an age-old enemy. But he has no power, only the untested warhammer on his back. With his unwitting magi companion Gunter at his side, they seek their destinies in the cold wilds of Beckenburg.

Joining a band of mercenaries, Hestea will struggle to find his place in a group of unlikely heroes; and when all seems lost: discovers a power within, that he can not explain.

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seeking the veil, part 2, book cover

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Sworn to Secrecy. Life and Death are on the Line.

Hestea's mysterious power defies understanding in the midst of peril, and taciturn Gunter reveals his reason to fight. But when the routine hunt for invading raiders turns dire, the Band of Orangebeard run afoul of bad tidings and Gunter's weakness is revealed.

Vows are called into question and when Orangebeard steers them toward an isolated pass in the great icy Scale, everything is on the line.

~80 pages | $0.99 
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seeking the veil, part 3, book cover

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Run. Warn. Die.

Follow Hestea and the remnants of the Band of Orangebeard as they flee for their lives in a desperate attempt to warn Becken of what comes. They must struggle to stay together and to stay alive in the cold wilds of Becken, while a terrible power stalks their every move.

Seeking the Veil comes to an exciting culmination, secrets are revealed, and the question of true power and friendship is put to the task.

~110 pages | $1.99
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“A really good medieval fantasy adventure...”
“(And) ...a fabulous venture into the world of ... sword and sorcery. (With) atmosphere so intense that it's almost impossible to turn the pages fast enough.”

Ray Nicholson, Amazon Book Reviewer

“The Tension Runs Full Throttle!”
“ Clifton Hill has broken down this tale of Hestea into bite sized morsels that pack all of the punch, wonder and atmosphere of the fantasy world.
—Dianne Bylo, aka Dii, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, Book Blogger for
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

“Hill paints a very vivid medieval style world, with miniscule details befitting a Martin or Tolkien.”
Lars Teeney, Sci-fi author of “The Apostates”
(Part 1)

“Seeking the Veil is...fantastic...purchase Part 2 immediately so that you can read more of the story.”
Susan Pixley, Amazon Book Reviewer


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