Book Review Index

This is a listing of book reviews. This can give you an idea whether I spout revelations or just crap, as fits to your own particular taste.

The Unremembered **Coming Soon**Orullian, PeterFantasy - Epic
The Wise Man's Fear **Coming Soon**Rothfuss, PatrickFantasy - Epic
The Warded Man **Coming Soon**Brett, Peter V.Fantasy - Epic
3 starsThe Hunger GamesCollins, SuzanneYoung Adult - Science Fiction, Dystopian2017.08
3 starsDaughter of the Blood (Book 1 of the Black Jewels Trilogy)Bishop, AnneFantasy - Dark2017.07
3.5 starsInto the Fire (Samantha Kane,
Book 1)
Hester, PatrickFantasy - Urban2017.05
2 starsCatalyst (STAR WARS): A Rogue One NovelLuceno, JamesScience Fiction/Fantasy - Space Opera2017.03
3 starsGearspire: AdventReinmiller, JeremiahFantasy - Epic, Steampunk2017.03
5 starsThe Secret Horses of Briar HillShepherd, MeganYoung Adult - Historical Fantasy2017.03
5 starsThe SeerLyris, Sonia OrinFantasy - Epic2017.03
4 starsAvogadro CorpHertling, WilliamSci-Fi - A.I.2017.03
4 starsThe Blade ItselfAbercrombie, JoeFantasy - Epic, Grimdark2016.04
4 starsLiege-KillerHinz, ChristopherScience Fiction - Space Opera2016.01
5 starsBrody: Hope UnconqueredWecks, ErikScience Fiction - Space Opera, Short2015.07
4 starsFeedGrant, MiraScience Fiction - Zombie2012.01
3 starsLow Town Polansky, DanielFantasy - Noir2011.10
5 starsThe Game of ThronesMartin, George R.R.Fantasy - Epic2011.10
4.5 starsThe Name of the WindRothfuss, PatrickFantasy - Epic2011.05
2 starsThe Greyfriar, Book 1 of the Vampire EmpireGriffith, Clay and SusanFantasy - Steampunk2011.04
3 starsThe Windup GirlBacigalupi, PaoloScience Fiction - Apocalyptic2011.04
3.5 starsTowers of MidnightJordan, Robert; Sanderson, BrandonFantasy - Epic2011.02
3.5 starsKell's LegendRemic, AndyFantasy - Epic2011.01
3 starsRagamuffinBuckell, TobiasSci-Fi - Space Opera2010.12
4.5 starsOld Man's WarScalzi, JohnSci-Fi - Military2010.11
4 starsWay of KingsSanderson, BrandonFantasy - Epic2010.11
1 starNinth AvatarNewton, ToddFantasy - Epic2010.11
3.5 starsWarbreakerSanderson, BrandonFantasy - Epic2010.10
3 starsElantrisSanderson, BrandonFantasy - Epic2010.09
3.5 starsFool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)Butcher, JimFantasy - Urban2010.08
4 starsStorm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)Butcher, JimFantasy - Urban2010.08
3 starsSpellwrightCharlton, BlakeFantasy - Epic2010.07
2.5 starsThe Magic of RecluceModesitt, Jr., L.E.Fantasy - Epic2009.11

I rate on a scale of 1-5 stars.
1 star, Poor = Definite problems, rubs me the wrong way, can’t maintain my interest, needs LOTS of work.
2 stars, Ok = Doesn’t wow, doesn’t kill me softly. Just kind
3 stars, Good = Enjoyable read. Nothing earth shattering, or it may have some but be offset by other problems. Like Wheel of Time which is mostly full of awesomeness except when conversations dragged on for tens if not a hundred+ pages with barely any progress.
4 stars, Great = This is where most of my favorite fiction falls into. It has good structure, strong characters, plot, and makes for a mouth watering but not overly-fattening treat.
5 stars, Amazing = Rarely any book will find itself at this lofty goal. It needs to have everything in right proportion and entertain from beginning to end. If it has slow points they are there so you can breathe and refocus or trick you into a sense of calm, before WHAM! You’re slapped silly across the head.

*Let’s also note that these are my opinions and that opinion is greatly influenced by my perceptions at the time of reading. For instance: some love Eragon, like it is manna from heaven. Others lament its copycat existence of Star Wars (with dragons), because they have greater experience to pull upon that changes their perceptions of what they read. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t talk (or write...).

*But if you feel yourself vibing with me based on the above reviews, then maybe we are astrological twins and what I like.