Kip the Quick Series
Kip the Quick is a fun, witty, fantasy adventure that will blow you away.

Kip the Quick Book Cover
A heist like no other; a payday to match. If Kip can only survive.
Kip's Return, Book Cover
For a deadly adventure, only the best thieves are…Wanted.

Seeking the Veil Series:
Young Hestea seeks his destiny in this Fantasy Adventure about the meaning of power and friendship.

Seeking the Veil, Part 1 Book Cover
Seek your Power, Seek your Purpose. Seek the Veil.
Seeking the Veil, Part 2 Book Cover
Sworn to Secrecy. Life and Death are on the Line.

Seeking the Veil, Part 3 Book CoverRun. Warn. Die.

Hammerblood Series:
His wounds heal before his eyes, Sacraith fire bends around him, and his battles are like legend; but Hestea is no magus.


Epic Battles. An Unknown Power. A Terrible Enemy.

Work in Progress


  1. Resident of Vancouver, WA found Book 1 Hammerblood at local library. Enjoyed it very much & now want book 2. When is it scheduled for release & where can I buy it?

    1. Thanks for reading and saying hi! There are 3-4 more planned Hammerblood books, and though I wanted to get to work on Book 2 right after VoW, other things came up and I realized that I need to grow more as a writer first. But Book 2 will be getting worked on again soon, and I invite you to sign up for the newsletter to learn more as it develops (

      For now, the prequel, Seeking the Veil is complete and out in ebook form (combined version + paperback to come out within the year). Seeking the Veil ebook is free to newsletter subscribers. I also have another book called Kip the Quick coming out in May — Witty, fast-paced fantasy heist where morality is…debatable.

      Best Regards,
      Clifton Hill

    2. Hi Clifton this is your friend Jay from NC happy father's day 2 ya

  2. Many times in life we may feel lucky to have generally good health. That is until we must visit the dentist and how traumatic events become soon after. Sometimes we don't even know there is serious infection or decay. In my case, prior bridge/crown work infected the jawbone. The skilled oral surgeon , not dentist mind, operated on my mouth. In the process, removed a section of jewbone, rebuilt that area then inserted 3 implants. The whole process took over one year to complete. In that time, mostly soft foods, pureed vegetables, smoothies and nothing harder than soft grilled fish. Makes one think of mortality , when being able to eat grilled fish with family brings tears to one's eyes.
    I have now taken to implore all around me to visit their dentist on a regular basis. Brush and floss to avoid what happened to me. It is no fun in any shape or form. On one of my final mouth operations, I recall after the procedure, still heavily sedated, having the wherewithall to beseech the surgeon to get his kids to mind their teeth and visit the dentist often, so they would never have to endure what I went through.

    Oh my , do we ever take our teeth for granted. When they are sick, do they ever impact our overall health in most every way.

    take care Mr. Hill

    1. A little off topic from the post, but so true. I presume you saw a recent tweet lamenting my own history of inadequate flossing? Proper dental care sure seemed like a drag when I was young, but I think any adult with dental problems would agree that if they could go back and revise their ways, they would.

      Glad you have rectified your own dental health.

      Happy reading and good health.

  3. So CH, end of year and what have we learned eh ?....Well, many lessons in these oh so ever changing yet revelatory times we live in . Where once we all believed the little boy with the small pants always over eager and almost fixated on pleasing authority figures and monoliths, does not really cut it, when these same entities could care not one iota about the well being and good health of their minions below them. Did you think somehow they actually did care or was it all an illusion or deception of the highest order. Was playing good , attentive to a fault of any real benefit in the long run. We were all guilty of it at some point in our lives. The present times show to all the misguided nature of such well meaning sentiments. Now, the time for choir/alter boy awestruck servility is about to pass. Indeed, into the trenches, where the real battles will begin. That time is coming fast. There will thousands fold like you , each led by one of a thousand lights. So, you will have to stiffen your sinews and summon the blood in the cold dark days and nights ahead. The War For This World Is Only Beginning. In another time, a head firmly placed in the clouds might have personally sufficed. Those times have long passed. To plead willful ignorance to the unfolding of events around you will have so saving grace in the end.

    Take Care CH. Proelium Incipiant

  4. Greetings, again, Anonymous. It is the Human Condition to do great evil and great good. It is always over simplified to think that authority or those in power care for those below. For them to state as such is simple pandering. I'm well aware and doing what I can, when I can. Time is not endless, money is meager and energy has limits.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.


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