Work in Progress

  • Kip's Return, Book 2 of Kip the Quick *COMING EARLY 2022* (178k words - Fantasy Heist)
    • The consequences of what happened in book 1 of Kip the Quick blow up in Kip's face. Everything has changed.

  • Child of Iron (9k words - Dark Fantasy)
    • This is a story of a child enslaved, his life destroyed. Melted by the fire of his suffering into a molten lump of his former self, the shape of his new forging will be told only by time. And it will impact the world. This is the story of a Child of Iron.

  • Novel (20k/100k); Outline done- City of Dogs, Near future, Sci-fi Thriller
  • Novel (120k/140k+); First Draft- Felling Abberfaun, Epic Fantasy

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