Monday, April 26, 2021

JK Rowling Tricks and Writing POV explained - 006 Brainstorm Podcast

The Brainstorm Podcast with fantasy author Clifton Hill is about writing, genre fiction and moral quandries. 

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In Episode 6, it's time to dive into a Writer's Analysis of the different types of Point of View, called POV, and how I use 2 different types in Kip's Return, the sequel to Kip the Quick, when most books only use one.

I also disect a literary tool that JK Rowling uses fabulously well in the Harry Potter books, it keeps her books "relatively" lean, keeps the story moving and is something I really want to incorporate more for my own books. I don't know what you would call it in writing, perhaps "Tell" not "Show", but there's more to it than just using the "Tell Technique", and for that reason we'll simply call it the Hollywood Montage. (Until someone tells me I'm stupid.)

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