Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Game of Thrones Review: Nudity, Gay Renly, and the Hound is a Pretty Boy - #005 Brainstorm Podcast

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In Episode 5, I'm returning to review more of the HBO series Game of Thrones, listen to the first part in Episode 4.

It's been years since I read the Song of Ice and Fire series, and a couple years at least since I read A Dance with Dragons. Intriguing to see the differences between book and TV series, that or I remember the books differently. While this might have been a bad thing with some book adaptations, the characters, the story, the acting is all so well done that instead it is just a fascinating comparison of what they chose to do differently.

The show absolutely rips through book 1, there's more nudity and sex in the show than I would have anticipated, and Renly is gay? Either I really missed this in the books, or Martin was very, very subtle with his hints. And the Hound is a pretty boy?

Quick Note: When I watched the series it was 2016 and there was a special on Hulu to add HBO for $5/mo. I think the price is now something like $15.
Sorry, more Roadnoise on this episode, and for the near future. Eventually I'll get to recording new content, and I'll do that (or at least try to do so) from home.

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