Monday, May 3, 2021

Of Lords and Ladies. Peerage Titles for Fantasy Writers - 007 Brainstorm Podcast

In Episode 7, join me as I ponder how to choose a system of peerage for the world of Kip the Quick. While you can take example from the real world, maybe you don't want a Duke, Baron, Count, Viscount, and so on. Maybe you want it a little more Game of Thrones. 

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That's right. Ole Georgie kept it simple in Westeros: outside of the "Warden" title and that of the King, he spent his time on complexity on pretty much everything else.

As an aside: You'll once again hear me reference Kip's Return, and how great the progress was going at 99k words. Well that was 2016, and while it is finally done and in the hands of my copyeditor, the book ended up a LOT bigger.

So, what peerage system did you pick for your fantasy story and why?

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