Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review: BRODY: HOPE UNCONQUERED, by Erik Wecks

A tale of two souls that refused to give up. Riveting, tightly woven, dancing between present and past, this novelette will pull you deeper than you expect.

Print Length: 58 pages (Kindle only)
Publication Date: May 30, 2012
ASIN: B00885S592

Set in the far-flung future in Wecks’ PAX Imperium Universe, Brody: Hope Unconquered tells of the aftermath of a centuries-long space conflict, a war hero set for elimination by foul political machinations, and a desperate ploy to escape. But will the escape be better than the punishment and how will the two characters manage an impossible decision that will change their lives forever?

This is no adventure, but the danger is no less real. And when the mood gets too dark, there is always a ship AI with a penchant for stating the obvious.

The ending comes too quick, I wanted more falling action, but nevertheless, this is a good novelette and a quick read. And it was free. I don’t hand out praise without reason, and I don’t advertise without good cause, but in this case I feel comfortable recommending you sign up for Erik Wecks’ newsletter and receiving this free gem.

I get nothing for the recommendation, other than the good feeling of passing on a good story and supporting a fellow local author. (Well, that and the affiliate payment from Amazon.)

Five stars, blurring with faster-than-light travel.

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