Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top Ten WRONG Preconceptions of Writers

So you finally put down the first few chapters of your epic, of your jugular-crushing masterpiece that will steal the One-Ring from Frodo, slap the wand from Harry Potter, and make The Game of
Thrones your bitch.

Here are the Top Ten things buzzing about you like words of power when you have become a WRITER:

10. Word Count isn’t important. Each word I write is worth ten times anyone else’s
9. Lunchtime at work is plenty of time to write.
8. Word Quantity is EVERYTHING! If I don’t write 2000 words every day, I am a complete and utter failure!
7. I should check Social Media all day long.
6. I will write faster if the dishes are done first.
5. I will write faster if I defrag the hard drive first.
4. An hour of TV and then I’ll be ready to write, maybe two.
3. Yes I’m tired, but I’m sure I can still write before I fall asleep. Zzzzzzz
2. Revision? What revision, I’ll fix it as I go.

And the #1 writerly wisdom that I now know to be true is...
The hard part was writing the book, selling it will be easy.

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  1. (Not sure if the comment when through, so I'll re-post it. Sorry if there's a duplicate.)

    I'll add: fiddling with that first sentence for weeks will make the rest easy.

    Actually, for some works, that's true!

  2. So true. In regards to spending weeks on that first sentence, that is.


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