Saturday, November 29, 2014

Top Ten WRONG Preconceptions of Aspiring Writers

You are a long time reader, you have a set of elvish ears in your closet, played the Legend of Zelda in your underwear more than once (what? Just me?) and you screamed at Stark to run, to leave, to take
power—but instead he lost his head. You are experienced, you have great ideas. You CAN be a writer.

Here are the Top Ten WRONG Preconceptions of Aspiring Fantasy Writers:

10. Before I write the first word, I need a kick-ass title.
9. Before I can decide on the characters, I need the world mapped out, ten races, and ten-thousand years of history. Yes!
8. First I will write Chapter 1. Then I will write Chapter 2...
7. Sure I know the ending, the bad guy gets it. I’ll write it down when I get there.
6. Chapter 1 will start at the beginning, all the way at the beginning. (Of time, or of the birth of the character...maybe both!)
5. I need a new language. It should sound Elvish.
4. Chapter 1 didn’t quite work, but I’ll rewrite it, but first...
3. I need to build a Social Media presence so Agents and Editors can find me.
2. Chapter 1 just needs a little more work, but when I get to Chapter 2 it’s going to be a piece of cake.

And the #1 truth I now know to be true is...
Writing is easy. I’ll have my book done in no time.

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