Monday, April 26, 2010

Functional Nerds Podcast

So, a little bit of excitement for me is that later this week I'll co-star as a new Third Nerd for Patrick Hester's Third Nerd Army on his and John Anealio's Functional Nerds Podcast. It's just a one shot thing, but maybe if I behave myself and laugh at their jokes and say how clever they are they'll ask me back (or maybe they won't if they read this...hmm...).

If you haven't checked out their new podcast yet, they talk about all things of Nerdly goodness, there is focus on Apple products and a fair amount of talk on music. They also spoke so highly of new author Blake Charlton's first fantasy novel Spellwright that I decided to check it out and was very pleasantly surprised (he has a free excerpt to read on his website—recommended read for most any fan of fantasy).

I don't know what we'll speak on yet, but it is bound to be a varied list.

Anyways, I look forward to the podcast, and hopefully manage to come off as somewhat coherent. But we'll see.

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