Monday, April 12, 2010

Excerpt from Chronicles of Hestea Hammerblood - Epic Fantasy Novel

Ok, here goes. At long last I'm sharing some of my epic fantasy novel (cue fanfare...aaand cut! That was cheesy. Let's just get to it):
In the land most call Molroun, the evil Sacraith are a fanatical group bent on all out domination. Invading by sea they are a Dark Brotherhood dedicated to the dark arts and their evil god. They sweep into Molroun with their massive forces; destroying and subjugating with sheer force of numbers and arcane magic. In their wake lay devastated lands, near and far, their people enslaved and ruled in fear by their new dark masters.
Some say they have lain in wait for centuries building strength and plotting their rise; a shadow on the world growing in darkness. Others think them to be a sign of another Great Destruction as told of in myth.
Either way, as word spreads of their plague upon humanity, pockets of resistance begin to form in Molroun and other lands. While some of these pockets are turned against their own and some are destroyed, others grow to be sizeable forces to challenge their oppressors. And from these trials a warrior of legend will rise from the destruction.
Read the excerpt here:

As I write this post, part of me is screaming, "No, don't share. It's dangerous. Dang-er-ous! Someone will copy my brilliance and all my hard work will be for naught!"

Problem is that I need to shut that part of me up.

For one, if I'm going to ship out my manuscript in a few short months to complete strangers, hoping for a bite—or at least a nibble—by a good-sized publisher, I need to get used to sharing. Reminds me of the fright of Show-and-Tell in elementary school. Secondly, we all know that ideas, don't make a bestseller. Showing just a small portion of the book does not give everything away—just a hint—and the real value in any work of art (be it book/movie/videogame/etc.) is in the execution: how it is fully conceived.

As brilliant (and money-making) as the Harry Potter series had been, if Rowling had only shared a small part of book 1, or even the entirety of just book 1, it would not have had even a small portion of the impact on our literary world as it has, because there was just so much more to the story than that.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt, I look forward to any comments you may have and hopefully one day, you (and many more) will find the finished book something to add to your library. Thanks for reading!


Thanks for reading, now tell me what you think.