Friday, April 30, 2010

Listen to me on Functional Nerds

Unbelievable but true, you can listen to me spout (occasionally) along with the Functional Nerds at Listen to us talk about: Hulu's new subscription service, books, TOR turning 30, slushpiles, and much more...

It was a fun experience, and my very first podcast.

You may ask me, "Why? Why? Oh dear (deity of choice)...why?"

Why do a podcast? Well, because my confused friend, it is good to be part of a community and to talk about those things we hold dear to our nerdly, artistic, little hearts.
Also, if this whole writing thing works out; or rather to help make sure this whole writing things works out, I will need to get used to this. Us creative-types have to put ourselves out there on a regular basis to keep people aware of what we are about and what we produce. Otherwise, that fine art piece that would have shamed Michelangelo or that manuscript that would have Tolkien itching in the after-life to get a copy will never get the chance to make it in front of someone that can help you do something with it. Taking your hobby to the next level where you might just well (everyone gasp) get paid for it. 'Course it's all a long-shot, there's a ton of others out there doing the same thing.

So what did you...uh...think of the podcast? Dare I ask?

You should note that Patrick and John are continuing to look for additional recruits for the Third Nerd Army, so if you're interested, drop them a comment on the 'cast.

**As a disclaimer, I will need to re-listen to the 'cast and, uh, explain some things...mostly having to do with a mention of watching Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser. In retrospect I believe Patrick asked about favorite/good shows, while both of the aforementioned have their qualities I wouldn't list them among favorites (shall I say right here and now that Biggest Loser is an inspirational show to watch, to see those people change their bodies and their lives—I'm rooting for them one-and-all, but won't watch another season) . I don't really watch much in the way of TV. My favorite at the moment might very well be Glee for its off-the-wall antics and amusement. I enjoyed the pilot of Fringe quite a bit, but don't know if I'd base much off of one episode, and V is good, but the quality of the writing varies from episode to episode—keeping me on the cusp of wondering if I will watch the next episode or not.

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