Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hokum Attack Helicopter

Hokum attack helicopter created for Wild Pockets' upcoming game I-Copter. It is another low poly model at 4132 tris. This model is to serve as the craft for the player, so the higher poly count (compared to the regular enemy craft) is essential for closer views in the store and during any potential cinematics.
Made in 3DS Max and hand painted textures in photoshop (1024 - Diffuse/Specular/hastily done Bump map - no time for a nice Normal map).


  1. Looks nice. Though I wonder why the pilot has left a single fragile landing gear open in flight let alone while seemingly being shot at.

  2. :-) yes, well all of the landing gear are actually down, but the other two are just obscured. It wasn't meant to be an actual "scene", just a somewhat arbitrary background to help compliment the model and make it feel more like a complete piece. Though yes the inspiration for it was via a vision of attacking fire.


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