Monday, September 21, 2009

Gabbie's Garden Illustration

A while back I began an illustration project for Gabbie's Garden™ LLC, an organic food line for children ( It has been a little while in coming, while they have worked out some details, but they now have a teaser website up for the upcoming product with my illustration at the top. I'm not sure yet when the final product will be available in stores, but hopefully soon.

The square object on a plate at the bottom is a placeholder for where a picture of the food itself is planned to be shown. Painted in Photoshop with sketches in pencil, we worked on this off and on for a number of months. What do you think? Would your toddler like it?


  1. nice color palette for a children's illustratrion. i'd say it's successful...

  2. Thanks Larry, it was a fun project. It will be fun to see it on shelves, when the product reaches that point.


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