Monday, September 21, 2009

Marketing via Twitter and other

So I'm trying to build up a presence for a variety of reasons: To share what I'm up to in my writing and art, and to help those pursuits along with more exposure to my work as an artist and writer. My art portfolio will remain committed to showing myself artistically for now, but my blog I'm looking to turn into a bit more of a marketing machine - hopefully for the good of mankind (I do hope that I don't become a soulless spambot in the process).

Naturally as an artist I want people to see my work, and know what I can do in case they have work for me. As a writer I have a need to write creatively, and am interested in sharing my thoughts with people in general. Add to all of that an article I read recently by a higher-up at TOR, if I recall correctly, that noted with beginning authors only selling between (on average) 10k-15k books, having even a decent web following can help to decide whether they take on a new author. All that leaves me wanting to spread my presence and following, which is where this blog post comes from.

I'm certainly not an expert on marketing, and am looking for advice from those that know better. I'm not looking (at this time) to make money off of this blog, it is just a vehicle for my pursuits. What can you share with me that has worked or have you heard that works? You could perhaps share how you market yourself on Twitter, Facebook, via your Blog, or just in general. Particularly in reference to being an aspiring author, and digital artist.

The few things I have done lately is:

-talk about what I'm up to
-search for other like-minded individuals - the nice side benefit is meeting some great new people I wouldn't have otherwise
-created a specific promotional twitter account to send out information about myself to potential network contacts - this is to keep from cluttering my main account with spam, no one will want to read/wade through (aren't I considerate :) ).

-connected my twitter feed
-connected my blog feed to send updates with each new blog
-network with other like-minded individuals

-update on interests

Linked In
-connected blog feed, linked to blog and art portfolio, do some networking, etc. Not very active on Linked In lately.

Thanks for your feedback! Er..if there is any.


  1. Though I must say the twitter marketing badly fired my spam sensor. :)

  2. Did I follow you via my twitter marketing account? If so I'm not surprised, but it seemed best to both expand my network and keep from bogging everyone down with a bunch of spammy tweets.


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