Friday, September 18, 2009

Photoshop Magic

A co-worker of mine is getting married soon and moving to Washington. As part of an engagement present (or Wedding present I guess), I fixed up a photo of him and his bride-to-be using the trusty old Photoshop Magic Filter. What? You don't know of the Magic Filter? It's fantastic, you choose it and it does whatever you need - automatically. You wonder where this fantastic feature resides within Photoshop, well I can't tell you as I would be violating the Artist Code.
Can you spot the fixes?


  1. lurker begone, lol.

  2. :-) Abra Cadabra, hocus pocus, activate the Magic Photoshop Filter...wait 2+ hours and done. ;-)

  3. It'd be easier to spot the changes if it was side by side, then I could break out the magic eye diff to spot the magic filter changes. (I knew those books would be good for something eventually. heh.)

  4. Good point, if I happen to do another comparison I'll see about orienting them next to each other. Though in that case I'll have to reduce their size such that they may be too tiny to be compelling without clicking on them to go full size.


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