Monday, March 15, 2021

The Brainstorm Podcast

Hello dear reader, I have a new project that is really an old project, but it is finally, slowly coming your way.

Welcome to the soft launch of the Brainstorm Podcast!

I've been a podcast listener since before it was cool, and have had a desire to put out a podcast for some time now. I even recorded maybe 15 to 20 episodes back in 2018, but never took the time to put them together and launch. Well, that time is now.

But what will it be about?

No big surprise there: writing, genre fiction and moral quandries. Let me explain...

  • Genre fiction - reviews/analysis; books, but also movies and TV
    • I've been a book reviewer for multiple notable sites, including some that are now long dead, and slightly buried. I've reviewed for SF Signal, Grasping for the Wind, SFF World, and I will bring some of my reviews to the podcast.
    • I like to analyze what I like in a book, what I don't, and why, and I intend to go deep.
  • Writing tips
    • I'll break down my writing methods; what works and doesn't; habits, the whole lot. At times I've disagreed with the Writing Excuses team (awesome as they are), and there may be some episodes where I analyze their episode and give my own thoughts on the matter.
    • Sometimes we'll go into marketing and the business side of things.
  • Moral quandries
    • Fiction is great for looking at life from a different perspective, stepping outside the normal framework of our preconceptions and being able to think with fresh, unbiased eyes. I don't want to just talk about books and media, I want to go deeper. Let's analyze the connections and wisdom we can find within fiction to real life.
    • Sci-fi and fantasy stories are often of the What-If? And can serve as cautionary tales and opportunities to explore what might otherwise remain the unknown.

Come join me on this new adventure!

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