Monday, September 4, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Flame Kissed by Alexis Radcliff (Seeking the Dragon: Book 1)

A girl whose life was changed by a tragic fire, budding romance, a frightening mystery, and a fantasy twist that will knock your socks off.

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Ella was an orphan, her family taken by fire. With high school nearly over, her dreams of musical talents obsessing her time, her family arranges a ski trip while her adoptive sister plots romance. Life will never be the same after this trip, and it has nothing to do with rippling abs or chiseled jaws.

Or does it?

It’s hard to adequately review a short story like Flame Kissed. The story is well told, characters fleshed out, dialogue true, but it is short. A great ground breaking, the story has set the scene for fantasy and romance, and what seems like a whole lot more to come.

I’m intrigued by the fantasy elements; they come late, but they feel authentic, fun, and real. When constantly shown that people with power abuse it in the real world it is hard to believe that those in a fantasy setting will not just do the same. Radcliff realizes this and Ella’s stoic “savior” shows that too much power tends to corrupt (at least some of our better morals.)

I was less taken by the romance between Ella and…well, we’ll skip on that and let you see for yourself.

I caution about a cliffhanger ending that will have you chomping at the bit for more. But thankfully, book 2 is now available. So that’s probably a good thing.

Published: August 2017 |

*As of August 2017, the author confirmed by e-mail that book 3 will be out in the next month or so and books 4-5 will soon follow. Sign up for the author’s newsletter to be first to know.
*Disclaimer: I’ve met Radcliff at a local writer’s group in the past, and was given a copy of this book by the publisher for review

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