Tuesday, September 12, 2017

50+ Free Fantasy Books

Fill Your Bookshelves to the Brim!

Looking for some free books to try? InstaFreebie has a ton.

Click Here!

Try Rotten Magic, the beginning intrigues and the author has a way with the character's voice that made me want to read more. Or Trials of Magic where the opening scene has a nurse and a patient in a hospital where magic is used to cure. There are over 50 stories in all, each one is available for free on InstaFreebie.

What is InstaFreebie you may ask? Well dear reader, I am just feeling super helpful today: It's a service that offers free books if you provide your e-mail address to the individual author for each book you choose and sign up for their newsletter. This is just a way for readers to find new authors that they may (or may not) fall in love with. No commitment needed, every author taking part should remove you from their list immediately upon request, or fear terrible retribution. I've been using the service myself to help get the word out about Seeking the Veil.

And check out some of these beautiful covers: Click here to support the authors, download some today, and have a Fantasy-tastic week! (Yeah, ok, pretty cheesy, I know. But, what can I say? It makes me grin.)

And a final thanks to author, Devyn Jayse for putting together the giveaway (and for including Seeking the Veil!) She's a new author and certainly has a fine sense of style.

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