Friday, March 10, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Seer by Sonia Orin Lyris

The Seer is a masterpiece of Epic Fantasy in the vein of The Game of Thrones.

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Amarta can see the future, but nothing is certain, everything changes, and a man made powerful by her own talent will stop at nothing to have her power for his own—or for none at all.

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*BONUS: And on Baen's website you can read a free short story that takes place before the events of The Seer, called Touchstone. It is a great addition to the overall and gives a great feel for the world.

I'm a fan. Touchstone by Sonia Orin Lyris


  1. Touchstone was amazing! Will there be more of the story of Pohut and Innel? And what about their mother and their little sister, Cahlen? And Cern, the princess? I would love to see these characters grow and to see this story grow and possibly develop into a series.

    1. Hi Wanda, no kidding. If you liked Touchstone, then you'll love The Seer, which picks up the story of Innel and Pohut (though I caution, you will experience some heartache, all in the service of a great story.) Lyris created a great world full of amazingly developed characters. While there is not yet a sequel to The Seer, it is well wrapped up and feels complete.


      When I e-mailed her earlier this year she was at work on the sequel, so we can certainly hope to see more. But she's traditionally published through Baen and her publisher will need to give the green light on the actual publication, so tell as many of your friends as you can that they MUST read this book. :-)

      Check her website ( for any new info and you should probably sign up for her newsletter:

  2. Wanda, Clifton -- thank you. I'm delighted you liked "Touchstone".

    Clifton is right: THE SEER picks up Innel's journey years later, when he and Cern (and Cahlen, too) -- are adults, moving and shaking the world around them. The first ten chapters are available online for free, and the full paperback is available almost everywhere (Amazon, etc).

    As for book 2, the sequel to SEER, Clifton is right: Baen Books is my publisher, and they need to give the green light on that. They are making green-light noises, which is good, but there is (as yet) no signed contract.

    But there is something from book 2 that I can show you right now. It won't give anything away, either. Rochi is a card gambling and divination game that shows up in B2, and I've been involved in helping create the game in the real world. Every card is an archetype from the world of the SEER, and they are going to be magnificent, since they're being illustrated by my favorite genre artist, Mark J. Ferrari. You can get a glimpse here:

    Nothing makes my day like hearing from readers who want more. Thank you for saying so.


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