Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mr. Hill's Wild Ride

Dear fair reader, this blogspace was all but abandoned over the last year as my family and I set out upon a grand adventure. Into the rabbit hole we went and as busy as we were, Wonderland it was not.

('Course, when Wonderland has crazy head-chopping monarchs, who wants to go there?)

It was an insane, double cross-country move. We left our lifelong home of California for Longhorn country, then, running with a tornado at our back we have found ourselves in the majestic Northwest. Time to harness my inner Vulcan, we're in Volcano country.

Why would any sane family with young children do such a thing? Well, desperate times, my friend... Like many others, the economic collapse leveled us with layoffs and financial problems. We had to rethink everything from career to where we lived. It took us a while, but I see the horizon aflame with the light of day.

We made some great friends, took in a taste of the South and were tested in trials of fire. Or was that a trial of extremely humid heat? (Lots of nice aspects to Texas—the humidity wasn't one of them).

You learn a lot about yourself when you push against the boundaries. It may have pushed back my book timelines, but I have grown in maturity and my books will be the better for it.

For my wayward reader, how have you been? Say hi, I’m back...sorta.


  1. Welcome back, Clifton and glad to read that you made it one piece!

  2. Oh, I don't know if I'd say I made it in one piece. But I'm here.


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