Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life in the Lonestar State

Big bugs, big freeways, big weather and lightning like I’ve never seen—my wife doesn’t refer to the lightning as Texas Fireworks for nothing. Amidst dangerously mesmerizing storms there is an incredible array and quantity of retail (there are 3 Best Buy’s within 5 miles of my house!), tons of great dining, and lots of amenities to enjoy with the wife and kids. Then there’s the heat...

Ugh, the heat. (I prefer the lightning, at least the rain cools everything down.) I’m no Texas veteran, but some nights it stays in the 90°+ range until 10pm and later. And Summer just barely started! Unfortunately, in a big city like Dallas, that kind of heat just plainly: Stinks. Garbage cooking in the sun all day and well into the night is not an odor one looks forward to.

I’m all for the modern conveniences of man, but thinking that one HAS to have a/c to survive in Texas is a bit of an oddity for me. We’ll see how I end up thinking in a few months.

But houses ARE cheaper.

I’m from California, and of late: the San Francisco Bay Area. So, for me, it is totally normal to expect to pay $500k for a 2000 SF house that is in good condition, in a nice area. In fact, that can be a steal. Going to a more average price point across California, you’d be paying $200-300k for the same, but move on over to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and you can get the same for under $200k, salaries are comparable to the Bay, cheaper expenses and entertainment to boot. For the fiscally minded, it seems a haven. (Ok, yes, property taxes are about triple California, but there’s no income tax, so...)

The people are nice and VARIED. I’ve never met so many people from other states or other countries. Most people I met in California were usually from...California. But, hey, there’s lots of space out here.

Space was a premium in the Bay Area, and the contrast shows when you see all of the neighborhood parks and recreation. And if you want to stay indoors, there are loads of options for families or adults.

While it might not be for everyone, Texas is treating us well so far. Now if we could just convince some of our family to move out here too—perhaps I shouldn’t mention the heat...

Might be a deal breaker.

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