Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Job and Newbieness

We all love new jobs. You get to meet new people, learn new skills, broaden your knowledge of software quirks, add to your Acronym Dictionary, maybe an increase in pay—a plethora of positives. But I did leave one key point out. One major aspect that plagues us all (even those of you too proud to admit it—yeah, You, smart guy)...

The state-of-being of confusion and total feeling of idiocy that the simplest, most mundane of tasks can impart when you’re still learning company jargon, software peculiarities, and trying desperately to remember who reports to who so you don’t accidentally cut off the VP of sales on the way to the bathroom.

That’s where I’m at, right now.

Now, keep in mind all of the above and I’ll tell you that I just started a second job. So, I suppose you can take all of the above and multiply it by two. *Lack of sleep is a significant modifier, so it might warrant a tripling.

But the money is good, the cost of living in Texas is far better than the Bay Area and the prospect of quality time with the family and time to write in the near future, softens the feeling of ineptitude.

What is your "favorite" part about a new job?

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