Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jumping back in: Ready, Set...Write?

Turning your life upside down is one of the last things a writer wants to do. Our flow is chaotic enough already. Trying to get back into it has been a challenge. Figuring out how to work the time into my new (and still changing) schedule is far from easy.

For nearly two months I wrote essentially: nothing. Oh, sure, I had some ideas, I wrote down some snippets, but serious writing on the focus story? Didn’t happen. I’m turning it around, but it is slow and difficult.

Random thoughts to help:
1. Write whenever and wherever.
2. Focus on what excites you. Skip that boring scene and go for the juicy stuff.
3. Don’t move cross-country... (did you see that one coming?)

I try to adhere to the above, but it’s not always enough for the results I want. My aging (not gracefully) laptop is not helping the issue with slow performance and a dying battery. One issue rectified, and I’m hoping I can deal with the other, because when the time to write strikes I want to pounce like a starving panther at a petting zoo.

Bon app├ętit.

So, what challenges do you run into how do you keep writing?

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