Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disappearing Cross-Country

Been a while, believe me, I know. I’ve never moved cross-country before and don’t mean to make it a habit. It’s like taking your world, turning it upside down, shaking the hell out of it, then tossing gasoline on it and lighting it on fire.

Perhaps a little extreme...

But, my wife and I have young children and moved somewhere with no family and friends, so perhaps some of you can relate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Texas and the Dallas area. (I could probably do without the heat and might pass on the tornadoes.) But moving...


Care to share your moving horror story?

Misery loves company. Go ahead, make me happy to be in my shoes and not in yours.

An Unnecessary Aside:
Oh, and I’m sure you already guessed, my clever and intuitive reader (readers?), but my timeframe for Veil of a Warrior (and pretty much everything else writing-related) has been pushed back.


  1. *shudder*

    Care to share your moving horror story?

    I've moved cross-country twice (NY to CA, CA to MN). Not for the squeamish!

    1. No kidding, Paul. Lacking details (like me) I can only assume you enjoyed the experience. ;-)

      But, anything that doesn't kill us, only makes us...stronger. Right?

  2. Yikes. Well, I hope you and your family have settled in by now. I have family in San Antonio and Houston. My mom is visiting them at the moment. Why she goes in the summer I do not know. Summer heat can be intense in Texas. But like anything, you'll get used to it! :)

    1. Perhaps she likes A/C?

      I'm sure we'll manage Summer somehow, but then it's already been pretty hot in the Spring. We've got a good A/C unit, so all I'm hoping for is no blackouts/brownouts.

      Weirdest thing about the heat here is it can stick around after dark. As in, still feeling thick, muggy and as hot as 90° F at 11pm. Also, with the heat, you get lots of bugs out at night. Gives me the creepy crawlies sometimes when you have giant beetles and other oddities all around you. Drive-up bank teller windows become a speed challenge to avoid the critters from swarming into your car.


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