Friday, March 23, 2012

Flash Fic: Fate, Trials, and Ripe Nashi

    “Old Wise Konichi, is there a—that is... How does one become a man?”
    “Child, you must live.”
    “Live? Is there no trial or test?”
    “Every day is a trial. If you make it through, that is the truest test of them all. Whether it is a test of your manhood, or a test of life.” Old Konichi’s eyes crinkled merrily.
    “But, Wise Konichi, isn’t it said that you are fated to live and fated to die?”
    “Boy, you’ll find that as much as you want to believe that fate rules all and that your actions have no effect, the wisest among us will see that is not true. The only thing set in stone is our response. So, for you to take control of your own destiny, you must react, not without thought, but with calm meditation. Then, and only then, will fate release its grasp.”
    “I think I see, Wise Konichi. Thank you.”
    “You are always welcome, child, it is what I am here for.”
    But the boy did not move.
    “Yes, is there something more?”
    “Well, Wise Konichi, but, what if that is what is expected? What if the calm meditated response is all part of fate? How do I escape fate then, and win a trial I am already fated to lose?”
    Old Konichi stopped and considered the boy for several moments, massaging his chin slowly. “Well then, my boy, it is simple: you must react hastily and without thought.”
    “No, no, no more questions. I am hungry and I see a large, ripe nashi hanging from that tree. May you be hasty and impetuous.”

© 2012 Clifton Hill, all rights reserved.
A taste of the whimsical today and perhaps a little bit of insight. I hope you enjoy. So go forth and be impetuous and make calm meditated responses, but just make sure that you do so when and where appropriate. No, no, no more questions. I am hungry...

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