Friday, March 2, 2012

Poem: Order of Corenne - Lonely Knight.

I am Tristfallin, Knight of Corenne, Order of the Deep,
My orders are always to keep:
The Faith, from the evils of Fire,
Persecution and undue Ire.

Let my arm be strong, my aim be true,
My shield hold and my virtue:

In the quiet and shadows I do train,
Waiting, patient—as those, that before came,
I sharpen my blade,
I oil my steel,
And I prefer for that one day:

When the waves will rise and the sun falls fast,
When the Knights of Corenne rise to the task.

Let it be soon,
Let it be now,
For I tire and ache,
Of seeing fellows hung low,
When our colors SHOULD show.

© 2012 Clifton Hill, all rights reserved.
A small taste, as it were, of my novel Felling Abberfaun. The Knights make an appearance in the novel that is both beautiful and sad, all in a hope to challenge religious tyranny that drove their peaceful order to near extinction. One day I will share their plight with you. For now, a poem will do.


  1. I can hear the wistful tone here, the knight who has not fulfilled his destiny. Nice way to generate interest in your book!

  2. Nice way, bad delivery. I won't be done with that book for probably a year, with revisions and other projects in the way. But the muse spoke, I listened and thus: I share.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I like this too. It is a good idea in terms of promotion. Hmmm, that's got me thinking...

    1. Thanks! Perhaps the muse is more business savvy than I give it credit for. Clever muse... ;-)


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