Monday, June 7, 2021

Gripey Rant. I'm a Picky Reader - 011 Brainstorm Podcast

In episode 11, it's time for a good ole-fashioned rant about being a picky reader, and why I stop reading a lot of books. 

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I get stuck on this need for the right balance of character and plot. We always need strong characters. That's largely how we connect with a book through our shared human experience. It's also why series do so well, when they follow some of the same characters around that we have gotten to know so well. But for me, I don't want my story to become subsumed by this wandering experience in the life of a character with little appearance of plot giving structure. I certainly don't want the character to change who they are because of plot restrictions, create awkward illogical rationale for why someone is doing something...just because the plot dictates. And a major fantasy novel by an indie writer did just that for me. Let's examine.

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