Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make me write faster on Patreon

Love the books? Want more of Kip's wild antics, or more incredible  adventures and battles with Hestea?

Well, time is limited and I have a day job. But with enough patrons supporting just a couple dollars a month or more, and increasing sale of the books: I can achieve more. Much more.

Kip was my first professional cover and edit, but readers of my Hammerblood books know they are quality, fun stories with depth. I have high expectations for my stories. Help me get there faster and get cool rewards to boot. (And help Hestea get his own pro-covers. Remember, he has a really big hammer, knows how to swing it, and has a temper.)

How's it work?
You pledge a small amount monthly to support. Patreon takes care of collection and distribution with a small 5% fee (which is a great deal for what they offer) and patrons get special rewards on my Patreon page. There's a snippet of the sequel of Kip the Quick up there now.

Check out my Patreon page, become a patron today, and thanks for your support!

Think about it like a digital tip jar, and me with my book in hand, reading aloud on the street corner, entertaining passerby. (Perhaps a guitar would work better?)

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