Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Good Dinosaur - It Didn't Wow

We watched the new Pixar flick over the weekend and were left a bit confused. First off, my wife and I discussed about screening the movie before sharing it with the kids (4 and 8).

"But it's Pixar," I proclaim.

Pixar is awesome. They do no wrong. But fine. The wife is strangely often right.

Intuition? Maybe.

So off to IMDB to check the ratings detail and prove her wrong, and then came the below tweets:

@CliftonHill Feb 25
The Good Dinosaur rating detail on IMDB: mother yells "Honey, it's almost time!" ..dinosaurs inside hut .. over 3 eggs. Sex is implied —Wha?
(Come on. Serious?)

And this part is under "Sex and Nudity": 1 of the main characters is seen throughout wearing only a breechcloth. —Uh, yeah, we saw the preview
(I'm so right, kids should totally watch it with us. Screening-schmeening.)

At least the ratings board is thorough. Information is power, right? And hey, we were all concerned about sex and nudity.
(Neener, neener, neener.)

Never know what kind of shenanigans those Pixar guys are going to try and pull.
(There were some other mentioned scenes that seemed to warrant concern, but seriously, look at all the rest that was called out that was ridiculous. I figured it was time to kick back, watch the movie and bask in my rightness.)

But...blast it all. The screening turned out to be a good thing. (Point to wifey.) There is a moment where a furry critter is eaten (quite explicitly) right on screen. Then another where a big bug's head was ripped right off. Maybe a slight creep factor for a small bug (and a small detail on screen), but one that was bigger than a dog and prominently showed?

For this kind of movie, those two scenes missed the point. I had other issues with the movie, but in general it just didn't have the feel of a Pixar flick. It lacked the humor and the heart. I think this would have made a better adult film. In fact I almost wonder if that's what they were going for, then pulled back, hobbling themselves in the process and making a weaker film. Even the dinosaur design for the main character and his family seemed off, in comparison to the others and to the beautiful terrain.

Movie had potential. But for me, this Good Dinosaur, was just *meh*.

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