Friday, October 23, 2015

Crack out the Pumpkins

Fall is finally in the air. The trees are no longer confused, the leaves have begun to fall in earnest, and I’m plugging away on the Kip the Quick story.

Lots of fun to be had, this is a Heist novella, will be around 200 pages long, with about half of it done at present. (Want to read some? Let me know, and I'll sign you up for a copy of the newsletter for the inside scoop.)

Kip bites off more than he can chew, but he is an optimist, and as he pulls together the theft of his young life, he finds himself in more peril than he had ever imagined.

I’m gearing this for a young adult audience; so the language will be clean, “onscreen” blood at a minimum, and should be a story I’d be okay with the middle-graders reading.

I made another Writing Group at the Downtown Vancouver Library, wrote a couple thousand words and really enjoyed the ability to immerse myself in a group of my nerdly peers. Reminds me that having a support system for your writing is important. As a writer, I delve into the deep recesses of my brain, harvesting words like wheat, threshing them about, mangling them into something usable, until I can finally drop the finished novel at the reader’s feet. Sharing the insanity with others of like-mind is strangely calming.

Within the next year, I’m looking to upgrade the covers for my Hammerblood books, possibly do another edit and do some actual marketing to push them out there. I have a friend who has been having great results with his marketing push of his first novel, and it puts into perspective how very important it is to spread the word. No one can read your book if they don’t know about it.

Before that, my goal is to finish this Kip the Quick story, get some work done on another fantasy novel and get some work started on Hammerblood, Book 2. Shouldn’t take very long…nope, not at all. (Can you say: self-delusion?)

So, who’s looking forward to Star Wars? I hear France gets it two days early. Sacré bleu!

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