Friday, November 21, 2014

Mmm... Smells like Hammerblood

What's that smell? That subtle, but distinct aroma? Why I do believe it is a tasty batch of my Hammerblood, Book1: Veil of a Warrior. All baked, frosted and ready for a bite.

What is Veil of a Warrior?

"One man leaves everything behind to fight in a war of the centuries. He finds hope in a foreign general, love in a woman as strong as steel, and fear in the mysterious power that he had thought was a blessing."

This is a story of growth and a story of struggle, both on the page and in my own life.

I started writing years before, but this book is the one where I truly learned the craft. I’ve moved cross country twice since the idea was conceived, I’ve had the birth of my two children, I’ve lost one job, and I've seen many good people lose theirs.

My life has been a fight at times, but like anything worth having, it is worth fighting for. Veil of a Warrior has been a fight, an epic struggle over seven years in the making. It has grown, changed, and though I know it is not perfect, I know that I still have room to grow, the book is finally ready to be seen.

And the opportunity to share something with you, fair reader, to open your eyes into a part of my soul, into a part of my life, to speak of things that have only existed in my head, to share this creation... It is truly special.

Some, like Patrick Rothfuss, say they want to make the world a better place, a more enjoyable place with their fiction. And how can I not agree? I love a good book that can transport you, sometimes hanging on for dear life, sometimes laughing along with the characters, but also looking at life through different eyes and different perspectives.

I hope to bring that to my work, dear reader. Please step on through, and welcome.

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