Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Review!

It's been a strange new world, finally stepping off the edge and falling from the precipice, book tumbling with, splattering upon the ground for all to read (or none).

Each step, no matter how small, seems like a monumental leap. But what can I say, this is all new to me and so it is exciting.

So, with a happy smile I can say that I have my first review. Fellow writer Steve R. Yeager, of the Raptor Apocalypse series writes on the Amazon product page:
"This book reminds me of many other sweeping, epic stories of heroes and nefarious intrigue. But this one is far better written than many other self-published (and some trade published) works. Mr. Hill writes fantasy without overwriting, which is a rare treat. It is very easy to lose yourself in this book for a couple of days.

Relatively fast paced for a fantasy novel and filled with plenty of adversity for Hestea and his allies, this book will keep you reading to find out what will happen next. I especially enjoyed the weapon choice of the hero.

So many choose swords. Hestea chose a hammer."
Thank you Steve.

You are #1

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