Saturday, November 15, 2014

Captain America: Winter Soldier - As Slick as Ice

I was a comic book collector as a kid, I enjoyed the Avengers, among others. And, yes, I still have six boxes hidden away, expecting to sell them for a mint one day. So, when I go to the theater, as in: my living room—

(What, we have kids.)

I bring some experience to the mix. I’m pretty picky when it comes to a good show, so when I saw the first Captain America and practically yawned through it, I was skeptical of what Winter Soldier would bring.

Previews looked good, hope was we were past all the standard origin story rehash and there would be a good story. And yes, yes there was.

Thank you!

Like going down the Hollywood Blockbuster grocery list we had the big struggle, the heart string moments (pluck), questions of trust, and a great mixture of conflict.

I don’t typically get all hung up on how true to the comics they are, I rather pay more attention to if they got the feel of the movie and character right. First movie, Cap was half a character with moments of greatness. Inconsistent, but he had some. This movie he is a real boy.

“Secure the engine room, then find me a date.”

Granted, perhaps the director of the first was trying to show Cap finding his fledgling way through a new world. But it was either overdone, or for me, missed the point.

Winter Soldier is solid. Go see it... Er, little late for that, I mean: watch it.

(And if for some reason you didn't watch the first, don't bother. If you know anything about Captain America, you don't need to spend your money/time to see more about Red Skull, Hydra, World War I, Super Soldier Serum or the Iceberg.)

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