Friday, September 19, 2014

Seeking the Veil, Part 1 - A Hammerblood Story

A young man seeks his purpose. To do something against an age-old enemy. But he is no magus, he has never lifted his war hammer in anger and he must struggle to find his place.

There is humor, friendship, battle, magic and the first touch of a mystery to come, and to grow. I invite you across the threshold, meet 17 year old Hestea and share his adventure.

The story is about 60 book pages in length (17,000 words). Sign up below to join the Newsletter and get it first, and FREE, this weekend. I'll put it here on the blog later, but the dedicated few get it first. Later I'll put it on Amazon and give this whole self-published thing a real try.

So, I've been quiet for a while, longer than I wanted. But the quiet was well spent and soon I will make more noise. The full book is still coming. My little opus that has taken seven years to write: Veil of a Warrior, Hammerblood Book 1. And it is ready for the light of day. Watch for cover art to come.

You might ask about the short story prequels. Why?

I say why not? I had some silly, crazy idea to write some short stories to let readers quickly and easily into the Hammerblood universe. This was sometime back in February. Thought it might only take me a few weeks. They were supposed to be short, right?

Ah, how naive. Anyway, Short story 1 is done. Short story 2 is on its 2nd draft, just needing a little polish and the 3rd is on its way. I thought these might be independent shorts at first, but I realized they would closely connect.

Part 1 stands on its own, but in the end, the three will form a short novel, somewhere around 60k words. Or about 240 total pages. All three will be released free to my Newsletter subscribers. So jump on board.

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