Friday, June 6, 2014

Running Behind, a Pack of Savages on my Heels

I’m going on a Social Media Blackout. I’m running behind on the Hammerblood short stories by two weeks and it’s going to take me another week to finish the first.

As much as I want to keep up with the recent blogging, it is NOT the reason I wake up in the morning.

It is disappointing to see my little production schedule crumbling, but things happen. And though part of that reason is my ancient eight-year old laptop causing more trouble than it’s worth, at least I finally broke down and bought a new one that can blow through some of the speedbumps I’ve had to endure.

So, until the short stories are done… See you on the flip side. Know that I will break that rule if I see something really shiny.

(For the newsletter crowd, you’ll continue to get weekly updates on further chapters. It’s because I love you more.)

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