Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Self-Publish: An Argument Realized

At a seminar on the business of writing, held by the local and talented Erik Wecks, we went over the traditional model of publishing and self-publishing. Erik touched on the timeline for each method and the benefits. I wanted to pick his brain a little more, like the hungry little zombie I am, but time was short. In all, it was a fun discourse, and I recommend anyone in the Portland area to check out any future seminars by Mr. Wecks. I know I plan to.

Self-pub in mind, I picked up the ole historical binoculars and spied backward to 2011 and my original post about self-publishing Hammerblood.

(Amusing tidbit: I mentioned publishing a book in 2014—what a coincidence!)

There are so many considerations when it comes to putting your work out there, but my key point for self-publishing still rings true today: Time. I can fail in either respect. No matter how big the publisher, no matter how stellar the talent of who I work with, the book could still release to lackluster sales and never take off. And to get there I could be waiting for years. On my own, the time schedule is all me. And on my own, I have no bottom line to meet. If I fail, I retool and continue.

And then there is the second big reason: Control. Without a publisher, I have all the control. I kinda like that.

So, now that the book is done and I’m fully convinced self-pub is the way to go, what’s next? (The cover! The cover. Don’t forget about the cover!)

(Shhh…it’s coming.)


  1. Time and Control are definitely reasons why I went into self-pub. Also, a writer friend convinced me the time had come for me to stop trying the traditional route. So far, no regrets.

  2. Fantastic to hear. Can't wait to dive in, seems like the water's fine.


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