Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Lightsabers? Yes, Please.

By now it is probably common knowledge, but talk of the new Star Wars movies coming out has me intrigued.

Haven't heard? Late 2015 will be VII, then I hear the others will follow, one each year. Don't go onto YouTube and do what I did, though. There are no trailers or teasers. Anything marked "Official" is just pulling your leg and wasting your time. Unless, you want to watch some pretty CG from the Knights of the Old Republic,
but you could just end up with a video of someone swinging an extendable plastic lightsaber in their backyard.

Knee jerk reaction: Yes! (After taste? Hrmm.)

There are the fans of the original trilogy that find Lucas's prequel trilogy to be a bastardization of all that was Star Wars. Others may love them, and still others may at least appreciate the fact that the story has been fleshed out a little more. I fall into the third camp, I liked a lot in the prequels.

Just not:
-Jar Jar – Meesa not amused
-Midi-chlorians – Talk about ripping me out of the film
-The Virgin birth – What?
-Some of the acting

For me, I enjoyed seeing the story unfold from Lucas’s beginning, the effects were beautiful, the flash of the lightsabers mesmerized and watching Anakin’s downfall—to become Vader—was terrible, horrific, and for his character: It totally worked.

The original trilogy was not perfect (before or after Lucas’s CG overlay), but for its time and from my youth, I’d say it’s about as good as you can get.

So, yes, I’m looking forward to the new movies. I’m skeptical, but I do have a level of trust with J.J. Abrams at the helm, so here’s hoping.

May the Force be with him…

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