Monday, April 21, 2014

Newsletter Fondness of the Fantastical

The book is coming.

Say it with me: The book is coming.

Did you feel a shiver? Me too, or maybe that was a nervous shake from fatigue.

Either way, Hammerblood is almost here, and as I have looked at its release, I lament one thing: That there is only one book. Yes, it will be part of a series of four (a tetralogy), but those books will be down the line. No cliffhangers. I swear. (My wife would give me the evil eye if there were.)

Anywho, it got me thinking, this lack of multiple books. It seemed so lonely. Should I not have something else? Something to kindle the fire of your Hammerblood-hunger? And then inspiration sparked!

And what about my Newsletter? What perks can I offer to the dedicated few? Ah...even better. A plan forms.

And it will be a bonus, a special present for the vaunted wonderful who sign up for my Newsletter, and here it is: You will get a series of short story prequels following Hestea in the early years, before the first book. New and fresh from a sheltered life, he ventures out on a noble but foolhardy quest to find fulfillment and purpose. They will be exciting, shock full of adventure, humor and character — and for those on my mailing list, you will get them FREE and you will get them EARLY.

Further details will come, but here are the basics:
-Book 1 release slotted for June (I was hoping for May), and you'll be in the know.
-Short stories will be released before the book and will be approx 10k words, 3 in total and will be released to the intrepid newsletter subscriber a week in advance of each broad release.

For those of you ready to find out what I've been cooking these seven long years, looking for a taste of adventure and epic goodness, sign on up (the form is below and it is also stationed in the sidebar). I can't wait to share what is coming up with you. And just so you know:

Privacy is very important to me, both for myself and for you. I will not sell, distribute or use your e-mail address other than to send you my monthly newsletter and other updates, no more than once per week. Opt-out at any time. No hard feelings. I understand. A clean inbox is divine.

Interest piqued? Go ahead, here's the form. It's going to be a fantastic journey, and I'd be honored to have you along for the ride.


  1. Great idea. I look forward to the newsletter.

    1. You have the distinction of being 1st. I'd give you a prize if I had one. Maybe one day. :-)


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