Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let the People Decide...

...Who to vote for!

Yes, that's right, I got nominated to be a featured writing blog on Which is a resource for finding online education for the time impaired. I've never used the service, but it looks interesting.

Weigh in and make your voice heard, and don't forget to vote for me! :-) I'm giving you my most winsome smile right now.

You can vote as much as you want, so keep-on-a-clicking!


  1. Very nice blog....NEW follower.

    I am stopping by from the Top Writing Blog competition.

    Just wanted to say hello. This is a great way to find new blogs and visit ones you haven't visited in a while. :)

    Elizabeth - Silver's Reviews

  2. Thanks for joining the blog, I always appreciate the support! Are you in the running for one of the Top Blogs as well? I gave the voting a shot, but it seems like others will handily win it and I have other things to do. ;-)

  3. So...did you win? I didn't vote, but I'm late to the party.

    1. Ha! No, no, definitely not. I think I had like 20 votes and the winner had 10,000+. Maybe next time?


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