Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Looking Forward

I’m trying to look at my goals for 2011, compare them to the results and make a more realistic 2012 set that is achievable, but challenging. In all, I am little concerned either way. I am more interested in pushing forward, no matter the challenge, and taking whatever I can from the experience.

Photo by Jill Clardy
In writing, I plan to finish the Felling Abberfaun first draft by the end of January. I will finally return to Veil of a Warrior and do a final revision before I send it for consideration and put some serious thought and time into prepping it for self publish. Some may say that I am rushing forward, but anything gained in the process of getting it ready to publish is a gain, whether I end up going traditional or not.

I also want to do a revision to Felling Abberfaun, work on the Hammerblood sequel and a couple other projects that I’m kicking around.

For the Shadow Bytes, I want to get back to drawing in the New Year and build up a mighty buffer that can withstand the changing currents of life. I want to push it to color. (There! I said it.) I can only hope that I can find the time for it. I’d love to immerse myself in some other art projects, but for the time being all I can look forward to is some self-promotional design work for my day job.

For a brief side note of things to come on Shadow Bytes:
The talented Galen Dara will be doing a side project to appear on Shadow Bytes in the form of a graphic novel that Patrick Hester (the fabled writer of Shadow Bytes) has been cooking in his writing pot. I don't know what it will look like, or what will happen, but it's bound to be interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for news.

I look forward to seeing what Galen will do for the webcomic and thank her for her interest in Shadow Bytes.

Going beyond the creative: 2012 will be a time of change and uncertainty for me financially, though there is great hope and potential in the career move I am tackling. (If you’d like to read about my loan officer journey, click on over to my other blog.) If all goes well, it will help ensure a more stable future for my family and creative pursuits.

All in all, I want 2012 to be a year that I can achieve balance between family, work and the burning creative within.

May it be a year to prosper.


  1. Best of luck on all of your endeavors, Clifton!

  2. Thanks for the support Jeffrey, are you bothering with any resolutions this year? Hope your New Year was a great one.


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