Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays: How fast and unexpected you are

Photo by Hynkle
Where did the year go? Seriously! Who stole it, took it, and hid it away? I want answers!

If it wasn’t for my lovely wife, I know I wouldn’t be even half prepared for Christmas. (Thank you Anneli!) As it is, the kids will be well taken care of—without a doubt. As a parent surveying the mass of various toys scattered thither and yonder, it surprises me how many our four year old has. Christmas and a certain large, ungainly, but merry, old elf are only bound to increase the condition. The mind staggers to think of what the house will be like when little baby Nemo is old enough.

My study is messy enough—AS IS. I’m putting a double-deadbolt on it now, best to be on the safe side to keep some of that mountain of toys from crashing in here.

The family will be a bit fractured this year, what with new babies and long drives. But we will have a grand time nonetheless and will be thinking of everyone near and far.

Here’s hoping you and yours are having a joyous Holiday Season, no matter your economic condition and no matter what you may celebrate.

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