Monday, November 7, 2011

No NaNo, I’m Busy.

No NaNo for me this year. Heck, I only just recently finished the 50k word goal from the novel started for last year’s competition.

Part of me is ashamed to admit that, but I won’t feel too bad. I didn’t give up and the developing novel is something I can be proud of. It’s incredibly rough, still in that first draft stage that can make eyes glaze over with the pain of the prose and the agony of the scene breaks, but there are moments of glory that make me smile.

In keeping with the spirit of things, I will do NaNo in my own way: I will finish the first draft of Felling Abberfaun this November.

The gauntlet is thrown.

I started the month at about 76k words and estimate the book will end up around 110-120k. As of this writing (11/7/11) I’m at 83,400 words. Decent, but I need to step it up a notch. The NaNoWriMo goal breaks down to1,667 words/day. I probably won’t manage that pace. I have a few scenes coming up that will take some careful plotting. But I am starting to feel like I can get this first draft done by month end.

The sooner the better.

Once that’s done I’m ready to finally return to my Hammerblood series and revise Veil of a Warior, for what should be enough (in my humble opinion) to submit it to agents and editors. Read an upcoming post for some exciting news on that book (at least to me).

Carpe that NaNo. Write on!

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