Thursday, March 24, 2011

The State of Stuckiness

Where am I at with my New Year’s Goals? Well, I’m stuck, mired, and not making much progress. Except for the webcomic. Twitter pal Patrick and I finally got that off the ground. Which makes me happy, because for too long I didn’t have any real outlet for my visual art. And cats are always fun...when they’re not annoying. But that goes true for any pet.

Good dog, good dog. Oh...that stinks. Oh, geesh, that’s a lot of... Aw crap.

Yep, there’s always a downside to pets, but something makes them worthwhile—despite.

So, yes, the writing is at a standstill, but I’m slowly slogging back through it and trying to get myself back on track.

I also finished reading The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. Despite some initial misgivings I gave it a full try and got through it. I’ll be writing up a review on that soon. I learned some things from it, I think.

Looking over my New Year’s goals, it seems like I am running at a snail’s pace. Did I aim too high? Or am I achieving too low? Certainly trying to figure that out and move forward.

So, have you abandoned your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you made any new ones? Have you decided you resolve to just enjoy the year and dump the rest out the window into the middle of a speeding four-lane freeway, where it is pummeled into oblivion by an 18-wheeler?

No? Me neither.


  1. I can't even remember my new year's goals right now. Seeing as how the year is about a quarter of the way over, I don't really see this as a bad thing. I just keep pressing on with my blog as I gear up for bigger and better things.

  2. Hah! So true. I had to look back over mine.

    As long as you're making progress that is a good thing. It is very hard to anticipate everything that you run into, and manage to still fit it all in.

    That said, I'm trying, because I want to be published and make a living in my creative endeavors.


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