Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working with Ads

I'm adding to the blog. Not looking to get rich... Ok. Hoping, but not looking... Anyways, I want to try to add to the experience and keep things unobtrusive. Nothing worse than huge glaring ads in your face to take away interest.

I'm no expert in the matter, so it is a learning process and I'll be testing the waters with a few things I suppose. First up: I've added some convenient Amazon links to purchase books on the book reviews (not cutting edge, I know. But a start). Plus I put the prerequisite google AdSense text ads. I've looked around to see what else is out there and for now that seems sufficient.

So if you want to support me in my writing habit you can click to buy an advertised book or check out one of the ads.

Any suggestions or thoughts as to the inclusion? Is it enough? Too much? What else should I do?


  1. Actually, I can't even see them because I use Firefox with adblock enabled... sorry?

  2. Argh! Stymied by Firefox. A pox on you, vile adblocker. o_0

    Ahem. Anyway. Yes, well, I presume you can still see the Amazon links on the book reviews? I know there was this big thing against Amazon for them wanting to control pricing a while back, and unfortunately I didn't hear how that worked out (ugh, sounding so ignorant--I swear it's because I'm so busy with trying to finish the book); but their affiliate program is easy to set up. I don't know about any of the other contenders out there, but I suppose they might be good to look into as well.

    So I guess your overall assessment would be that it is NOT overwhelming and in your face. No, don't answer that.

    Ok, I've had my fun.

  3. I like the Amazon affiliate program. I added it early on to my blog. Not so much to make money, but to be able to link cover pictures and easily describe any book I reference.

  4. Yep, it does seem to fill the "easy" and "useful" categories.


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