Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wild Pockets Internship

I was introduced to Wild Pockets and their browser-based 3D game creation tools earlier this year during their 2009 Bay Area Game Jam. It was educational, interesting and at times exhausting as we trudged through the creation of a game over the weekend. I got to work with some great guys on our Space Brains vs. Zombies turret shooter here.

I got the opportunity shortly after that to join with Wild Pockets as an art intern to work on an as yet unfinished helicopter shooting game. So far I have produced most of the models, setup about half of the uv's, and created about half of the texture maps in game. A few other artists at the Wild Pockets Pittsburgh office have been lending a hand where necessary as well. It has been a whirlwind of a production schedule and I certainly wish I had more time to devote to them beyond my limited part-time status. The game has great promise and it has been a pleasure to work with the game engineer intern Nicholas McClay - who certainly has good things in store for him. Unfortunately my involvement will be ending with the internship next week, though the game will get some more time before it is due to be finished. I wish Nick and the others involved the best, and hope the game is well received.

Thanks also to Shanna Tellerman for the opportunity; Eddie, Dan, and Brando for their art contributions, and everyone else at Wild Pockets for a great learning experience. If you haven't checked them out already I would advise it. Their free to develop for platform, micro-transaction payment system, and potential for growth seems like they may be one of those "next great things".

*I'll post some images of my work when I get the chance after the game goes live.

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